Pick My Brain

Hi, I'm Abi Togunde-Sanders! I'm a Technology Consultant + Project Manager with 11+ years of experience. Get on-demand consulting for your business workflows & project management.


Are you standing at the crossroads of your career, wondering how to enter the tech industry, launch a project management career, how to start an agency, start an online business, or adapt to the work-from-home lifestyle? No need to navigate this journey alone.


Introducing the "Pick My Brain" Session, a fully loaded, 50-minute consultation designed to guide you towards success in your aspirations.


What To Expect?

Tailored Insights: This is not your typical conversation. Your session will be exclusively focused on your goals, challenges, and dreams. The advice I provide will be customized for you. 


Expert Advice: Benefit from over a decade of experience navigating the complexities of the tech industry, forging a successful career in project management, embracing the freelance lifestyle, and creating thriving online businesses.


Clarity and Direction: Walk away with a clearer roadmap for your professional journey. I will provide actionable steps to set you on the right path.


Solutions to Your Questions: Feel free to bring any questions you have – from industry insights to best practices. I am here to provide answers and support.


Why Talk To Me?

Real-World Experience: I've been down the path you aim to explore. Benefit from real-world wisdom.

Actionable Guidance: I don't believe in theoretical advice. We'll provide practical, implementable strategies.

Cost-Effective: At just $129, this "pick-my-brain" session is a way for me to give back, while providing value.

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