The Ultimate 1-on-1 Digital Marketing Strategy Call

Brought to you by Abi Togunde-Sanders, The Techie Marketer

Everyone can benefit from an outside perspective from time to time, particularly when you’re trying to find a solution to a challenge or think outside the box. A 1-on-1 Digital Marketing Strategy Call will give you specific, actionable advice about how to move forward with your digital marketing.


Book a personalized call to share the challenge you’re facing, ask questions, and get some actionable advice to guide your marketing path forward.


By the end of the call, you will feel confident on how to grow your brand.

In your 1-on-1 digital marketing strategy call,


  • How to research consumer behaviors of your target market
  • How to identify the platforms that you should be marketing on and the steps to take and how to learn
  • Benefits of having your own all-in-one digital marketing team (and the problem we can potentially solve for you)
  • Resources on how to develop your own digital marketing strategy
  • Recommendations on unique marketing methods that will propel your lead generation
  • BONUS: I will share some of my most profitable systems & strategies that I use to generate leads and website traffic

Meet Abi.

Hi, My name is Abi Togunde-Sanders. I'm a technology based marketer, based out of Michigan. I've been in the tech space over 10 years.


I own an agency called Classy Technology, where I work with businesses to build strategic marketing campaigns and systems using technology and automation. I also create educational Ebooks & courses, teaching others how to utilize tech to create solid processes & lifestyles.


I love to help business owners thrive with marketing technology. I look forward to meeting you!


Want more details about the structure of the call?

I'm happy to share. See below for more information.

  • You will have the option of booking a 30 minute call for $249, or a 60 minute call for $499. TIP: If you are a new entreprenuer, I recommend the 60 min call so you can have more time for Q&A.
  • After you book/pay for the call, you will automatically receive an email/text with the link for the video call. You will also receive a reminder on the day of the video call. 
  • I will research your industry best practices on marketing prior to the call.
  • When we start the call, we will have 10 minute introductions and an overview of your business & goals for the call.
  • We will have Q&A where you can ask marketing questions or seek advice.
  • We will have a feedback session where you receive advice & recommendations from me on your marketing strategy.
  • Within a week after the call, you will receive a concise written action plan, along with a link to a recording of the call - so you can refer to it at anytime
  • You will receive exclusive access to Abi marketing agency services at special rates

A Strategy Call is Right for You IF...

  • You just started a business and do not know where to start with marketing
  • You started a website or blog a while ago but your traffic is not converting to any sales
  • You created a website and want to redesign it - but you're not sure where to start
  • You have no idea what platforms or systems to use, that will help you to grow your blog or business.
  • You want to expand or pivot to offering online services and need advice
  • You want to learn how to generate repeat business by utilizing your email list
  • You don't know your niche & how to do market research
  • ....overall this is right for you if you know that you need help with creating a marketing strategy!

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